We have created a qualitative concussion tracking tool (beta for testing) that should greatly help simplify, centralize and organize your community concussion injury statistics.

To give this tool a try head to: http://concussiontrackingtool.schlr.co/

you will first need to login with this sample
Username: testaccount
Password: changeme

You’ll have access to test the submission form and also a table¬†of submissions (we can also then add user roles for individuals to be able to see submissions from multiple submitters such as a full school board for example).

The TLDSB qualitative concussion tool may be utilized by an individual school, or school board, as standardized and centralized collecting device. This data collection tool will contain data security protection.

This is a qualitative data collection tool only, not intended to to be the basis for individual medical decision making concerning traumatic brain injuries.

Currently there are variations in concussion diagnosis, however this tool will assist in standardization of electronic data collection, and security protected longitudinal data access.

If your school/school board is interested please contact:
Chris Anderson (chrisanderson.designs@gmail.com)