Much has been written recently in magazines and newspapers and on online health sites about concussions among professional hockey and football players. High-profile cases have helped bring public attention to research that investigates concussions among collegiate, high school and youth league athletes. Although players engaged in contact sports like ice hockey and football suffer the most concussions, those taking part in other sports, such as soccer, rugby, baseball and basketball, have had an increasing number in the last few years. Research into prevention, causes, diagnosis, treatment and after-effects of concussion strongly indicates that this is an issue that needs to be addressed, not only by physicians, but by parentsplayerscoaches and educational institutions.

The Sport Concussion Library includes educational resources for all levels of information. The best and most up-to-date materials have been included here, and are organized such that you can locate the information or resources most relevant to you. Downloadable concussion information is available through links with organisations such as MCH (Montreal Children’s Hospital) and CDC (U. S. Centres for Disease Control and Prevention).

If you are looking for a quick overview of concussions, visit Concussion and Post-Concussion.