Concussion Legislation Page

2013 Updates

Major Tenets of Concussion Legislation

Based on the main principles of the Zackery Lystedt Law model legislation

  • Inform and educate youth athletes, their parents and guardians and require them to sign a concussion information form;
  • Removal of a youth athlete who appears to have suffered a concussion from play or practice at the time of the suspected concussion; and
  • Requiring a youth athlete to be cleared by a licensed health care professional trained the evaluation and management of concussions before returning to play or practice.



National Strategy for Serious Injury Reduction in Amateur Sport Act (Bill C319) not likely to become law

(Text of the bill is here)

British Columbia

Bill M 206

Nova Scotia

Bill No. 63


Bill 193, An Act to enact Rowan’s Law (Concussion Safety), 2018 and to amend the Education Act

Bill 39, Education Amendment Act (Concussions), 2012

Ontario Government Proposes New Concussions Legislation

United States

States with Enacted Legislation Targeting Youth Sports-Related Concussions

National Conference of State Legislatures

Summary Matrix of State Laws Addressing Concussions in Youth Sports

Network for Public Health Law

Protecting Student Athletes from Concussion Act of 2011 (H.R. 469)

Implementing Laws & Policies

Implementing Return to Play: Learning from the Experiences of Early Implementers

Implementation of State Youth Concussion Laws

Get a Heads Up on Concussion in Sports Policies

Additional Reading

Tomei KL, Doe C, Pestigiacomo CJ, Gandhi CD.

Comparative analysis of state-level concussion legislation and review of current practices in concussion. Neurosurgical Focus 33(6):E11, 2012.