The SCAT2 is a standardized method of evaluating injured athletes for concussion and can be used in athletes aged from 10 years and older. It supersedes the original SCAT published in 2005.

The Sport Concussion Library will maintain the SCAT2 site, however it is suggested that SCAT3 (Link to SCAT3) be utilized, as it is the tool approved and published in the recent November 2012 Consensus statement on concussion in sport from the 4th International Conference on Concussion in Sport.

The SCAT2 is a screening evaluation tool designed for use only by qualified first responders or medical professionals. The SCAT2 score does not independently determine the diagnosis of a concussion, nor does it independently determine the injured athlete’s recovery or return to play status. Such determination can only be made by a medical professional who has experience in the treatment of sport concussion.