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Researchers will find particularly useful the list of active members of the Sport Neurotrauma and Concussion Initiative (SNCI) Research Committee, including links to their most recent published research. Also included are lists of other non-committee, university-affiliated researchers and research centres. The Researchers’ section of the library is specifically designed to enhance and improve communication between researchers, and serve as a point of contact for information exchange and project collaboration.

Athletes will be interested in the sport concussion documentaries in the Press Box section. They are encouraged to complete the e-module, and to read the personal stories of those athletes who have suffered from this injury.

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Media Publications

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Litigation threatens football's future

Football player sues Bishop’s University over severe head injury suffered during game

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School board launches review after rugby player dies after head injury | OTTAWA CITIZEN

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Concussion: A Public Health Responsibility to Our Youth


N.H.L. Grapples With Applying Its Own Concussion Protocols | The New York Times

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Concussions in male, female varsity hockey players more common than reported: Study | The Winnipeg Free Press

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Report Urges ‘Cultural Shift’ as Hockey Coaches Defy Concussion Specialists | The New York Times


Dying to Play | The New York Times 

Boogard complaint document 

Boogaard Lawsuit May Shake Up Hockey

Hitting home: a reflection on a lost brother’s role as a hockey enforcer | The Sheaf

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An Open Letter to NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman: It’s Time to Ban Fighting | Ralph Nader, Founder, League of Fans

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A Conversation with the Honourable R. Roy McMurtry

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