The Sport Concussion Education e-Modules Pre and Post Tests

The Sport Concussion Education e-modules were designed by a learning specialist to be interactive, thus improving individuals’ understanding of concussion as a serious brain injury. The information on which these e-modules are based is derived from the latest published content on the topic.

The e-modules are accompanied by a pre-test—to measure the user’s level of knowledge before using the e-module—and a post-test—to measure any increase in the user’s level of knowledge regarding sport concussion after using the e-module.  

The e-modules are publicly accessible without cost through the Sport Concussion Library website, and are protected by copyright. The e-modules are designed to serve solely as education tools, to improve individuals’ basic knowledge of sport concussions. The e-modules are not intended to resemble or serve as certification courses.


To access the e-modules, please follow these steps:

Step 1: Complete the "Concussion Education Pre-Test."  (You must complete the "Concussion Education Pre-Test" before accessing the Concussion Awareness Modules)


Step 2: Complete one of either the football or hockey Concussion Awareness Modules. (both contain the same questions, but represent a unique sports theme)


Step 3: Complete the "Concussion Education Post-Test."


Thank you for your participation in this important initiative.